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Established in 2010, 419 Builders delivers a fully integrated design/build custom process, specializing in modern and complex home construction.  We combine construction expertise, permitting know-how, a thorough understanding of industry standards and costs, and an experienced and talented team to offer an accelerated start-to-finish approach so you move into your dream home sooner.  

419’s holistic process benefits the buyer: we better understand your unique priorities and preferences, incorporating that into a stunning design.  Utilizing our experience in building and accentuating challenging terrain, we offer a thorough understanding of materials’ processes and costs, enabling us to move through the design process quickly, whether we are building on your lot or ours. 

Our in-house knowledge of the complex structural and building processes includes experience with basement design, elevator installation, customized and specialized room development, commercial window and door installation, contemporary and minimalist structure design, and advanced utility design. 

Experience with modern contemporary styles gives us a strong set of skills to achieve design and cost goals.  Without sacrificing durability and livability, 419 enables the buyer to prioritize the features they want in a house.  We also offer several past completed project plans that we can use as a basis to make modifications for the specific lot; the advantage of this is that we have a full understanding of the costs and engineering to also help speed up the custom process if you are on a compressed schedule. 

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Our Designer/Builder, Adrian Cole is ready to go to work on your modern custom home build in North Oak Cliff.

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